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After finishing this course the attendees will no longer look at public procurement as a necessary bad thing and not even as some transparent science. Our tutors will clearly pass over their experiences, will direct you through the public procurements labyrinth and will point out how can you form public procurement into a strategic tool. They will specifically deal with the projects public procurements specialities realized by the EU sponsors.

According to the attendees requirements we provide two types of training

8 hours training (1 day) for self-governing leaders in order to work up an adequate approach and to hold the public procurements process in their hands
40 hours training (5 days) for professionals responsible for carrying out public procurements steps in order to acquire a deeper practical knowledge
1. How to view public procurements?
2. When do you have to apply it – how you shouldn’t slip out?
3. Public procurement as a series of decisions
4. Once more about preparation – be wise first!
5. Defensibility is a high class viewpoint

Training For leaders For professionals
Number of hours 8 hours
- 8 hours performance with interactive elements
40 hours
- 32 hours performance
- 4 hours case study
- 4 hours consultation
Test requirements   Writing test
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